7 Python Job Boards to find talents in 2023


by Thomas · Updated Mar 11, 2023

Python is a versatile programming language that is becoming increasingly popular in all industries. Pure Python job boards are a great way to find talented Python developers.
We have compiled a list of the best Python job boards for you to find the best talent.

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The mission of PyJobs is to provide the best experience for candidates as they search for their next adventure.

By specifying their home country, PyJobs will only show them jobs that are available to them, whether it's an office-based position, a hybrid position or a remote position.

Job seekers can also search by company and tags to find a job that interests them faster.

At PyJobs, we believe that salary ranges should be disclosed from the start, so it is mandatory for companies to provide a range when they post a job on our website.

Jobs are sorted by date to avoid mixing old and new jobs.

Creating a job is very easy, it takes about 5 minutes to fill out the form and the job posting is online within minutes.

The jobs are free of charge until the end of November.

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Python.org Jobs

Python.org Jobs


The official Python website is a great place to start your hiring journey.

It’s not exactly a job board, but it does have a job section. It is run by volunteers in their spare time, so it may take a while for your job posting to be approved.

There is no charge to post job ads. Only job ads for paid positions are accepted, and ads must be submitted in plain text, which makes it difficult to format your ad correctly.

Python.org has a simple layout, but it gets the job done!

Remote Python

Remote Python


With Remote Python, filling out the job posting form is quite simple and straightforward.

Posting a job is free of charge but the team might reject it if it does not meet the requirements.

You can also search for developers directly on the website. This is an excellent place for Python developers to showcase their technical skills, but sometimes the profile information is incomplete.

The job board is niche, but ideal if you only post remote jobs.

PyCoder’s Jobs

PyCoder’s Jobs


The platform is aimed at Python developers and data scientists.

They used to be very active, but the platform seems to be slowly dying. Currently there are only 3 active posts left.

Posting a job on PyCoders starts at $199 and can go up to $900 depending on your needs.

You can also buy a plan to get access to their database of Python developers for $99.




PythonJob is an excellent resource for software developers looking for a job, as it offers a wide range of opportunities for developers of all skill levels.

The skills category is a nice touch for those looking for a specific role. It contains 16 popular countries for developers and tech companies, for those that are not in the main demand area, you may have to go through the list manually.

The price for a job listing on PythonJob starts at 50 USD, plus 10 USD per day.

Django Jobs

Django Jobs


Django Jobs is a great place to be if your company uses the Django framework.

The interface is nice and clean, and it's easy to post a job. You can filter jobs by country and use a yes/no option for remote work. Django Jobs also offers resume research, screening questions, and easy applicant tracking.

Unfortunately, not many jobs have been posted recently.

Posting a job will cost you between $229 and $349 per job, depending on which plan you choose.

Python Philippines Jobs

Python Philippines Jobs


If you are hiring in the Philippines, this is for you.

The python.ph job board only shows jobs in the Philippines.

To post a job, you need to sign up and fill out a short form. You do not need to pay.

A group of volunteers will review your job offer within 2 days.

The user interface for job seekers is very simple and straightforward. There are no filters or search functions, but since there are only a few new jobs per month, it is easy to keep track of them.


When searching for the ideal Python job board, make sure that:

  • They provide an easy-to-use interface for job seekers
  • They have filters for remote options and are aware that some jobs have location requirements
  • They have a simple and automated process for posting job ads
  • They update their jobs and remove them when they are filled or expired
  • They allow applicants to see all jobs and apply without having to create an account
  • They send out a newsletter to their subscribers

At PyJobs, we believe in providing the best experience for both companies and job seekers. Try us out and post a job today!

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