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Software Engineer - Infrastructure & Developer Experience

Oda is a company on the move. We built Norway’s leading online grocery store and now we want to share what we’ve created with the world! Delivering a broad assortment of high-quality, affordable groceries to thousands of doorsteps is a complex process, but we believe we’ve cracked the code. Using data-driven methodology, with a focus on sustainability all the way along the chain, we are creating the most efficient retail system in the world. 

You'll be a part of a central team responsible for shaping the way Oda's infrastructure and cloud presence is utilized across the company. Our team is proud to enable and empower other teams and engineers to deliver their best work and make it efficiently available to the world! 🌍

What you’ll do as a Software Engineer in Infrastructure & Developer Experience in Oda ☁️

As a Software Engineer in Infrastructure & Developer Experience, you'll work alongside other Software Engineers building the technological backbone of the company. This means working on the technical infrastructure and developing services to be used by the rest of the organization. You'll be part of building and shaping the way we utilize the capabilities of the cloud through standardizing, streamlining, and evangelizing how to work with cloud technologies and our infrastructure throughout the organization. ⚙️

We use Google Cloud Platform as our cloud provider where we've defined our infrastructure as code through Terraform and Kubernetes manifests. Our tools are primarily developed using Python. We strive for autonomy and iterate on the best ways to bring value to the company and other product development teams. We believe in everyone being able to contribute to the code in one way or another. 🧑‍💻

You'll take part in a highly motivated and engaged team and contribute to empowering the engineers of Oda. You'll also contribute to research, planning, design and implementation of excellent, reliable, and maintainable software and services, as well as make architecture and technology choices that ensure reliability, scalability, and security of our core infrastructure. We need someone who can help us configure and implement robust, highly available, and well-tested services that empower engineers across the rest of the organization. 💫

Wow, that was quite a mouthful! Still reading? Maybe you're the one! 🙌


What we offer 🚀
  • Colleagues who shoot for the stars and care about helping each other

  • A flat structure where we come together across disciplines to solve complex and exciting product & tech challenges

  • The chance to contribute to our success. Aligning via OKRs ensures focus, motivation to reach ambitious targets and autonomy in achieving outcome - andFlow, our own way of working within and between teams to create value.

  • A transparent workplace where tools like Quip and Slack helps us to stay in the loop - with fewer emails and meetings!

  • Competitive compensation and access to employee share purchase program

  • A flexible work schedule with a healthy work-life balance to ensure you have space for life 💛

  • The chance to get in on scaling a tech company, and the freedom to shape our path and create sustainable growth for a product loved by many

  • A personal development path in a company that cares about learning, and sharing knowledge. Also, the chance to contribute to open source projects (like Django) or meet ups within your discipline

  • Hackathons, team off-sites and many different social groups and company events.

  • A brand new office at Tøyen/in Oslo


How to be successful at Oda 🌟

We don’t expect you to know everything within your field. Still, it’s helpful to have at least a couple of years of professional experience developing services rooted in infrastructure and their operations and be motivated by setting up, configuring, and maintaining services used by others. 🔧

You’ll benefit from having an attitude of seeking knowledge and wanting to help others. We enjoy reducing complexity and try to improve undesirable work through automation. We always assume positive intent and believe that we can build each other up.🧑‍🔬

Some of the following could be helpful 💡

We don’t believe in hard requirements. Instead, we seek people with the right attitude and knowledge within the relevant fields. To succeed in the position, we believe it will be helpful for you to have experience or interests within one or more of these concepts:

☁️ Working with cloud engineering using any major cloud provider

⚙️ Defining Infrastructure-as-Code. We currently use Terraform, but the concept is more important the exact technology!

👷 Building and enhancing tooling and processes for increasing the productivity of engineers and engineering teams

📡 Fiddling with networks through setting up and configuring them regardless of being physical or virtual, be it Wi-Fi, firewalls, VLANs, routing, or VPNs; you may also have experienced first-hand that iptables aren’t spreadsheets!

🧑‍💻 Comfortable with programming and scripting; you don’t need an extensive prior experience with our technology stack

🧘 Cultivating a culture of observability through teaching best practices of instrumentation and monitoring

📦 Working on container management and orchestration

🪠 Developing tools and pipelines for building, integrating, verifying, deploying, and rolling back services and resources

🕵️ Working on observability and monitoring tools, integrating them with other systems, and managing the aggregated data. We use Grafana and friends, but don’t require any prior experience with that stack!

🔒 Implementing cloud security measures through zero trust principles, network segregation, web application firewall restrictions, IAM policies, or resource hardening

We do not require you to hold a degree from higher education. Instead, we value practical or theoretical knowledge within the relevant fields. 

Oda is committed to being an inclusive community, cultivating diversity, equity and belonging into our everyday workplace culture. When hiring for our team, we welcome the unique contributions that people can add with different cultural backgrounds, ethnicity, race, gender, gender identity and expression, nationality, age, languages spoken, color, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education and beliefs. If you have a disability such as a hearing, or visual impairment or any other neurodivergent need that requires accommodating during the hiring process, please let us know in advance. You can do this by contacting the job owner or hiring manager.

If you’d like to know more about how we work, check out our stories on Medium.

We look forward to hearing from you! 💛