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Senior Web Developer 80%-100%

Adfinis drives digitalization with open standards and technologies, shaping a world of innovative, sustainable, and resilient IT solutions based on trusted open-source technology.

As our company grows, we want to strengthen and complement the skills of our development team, which designs and implements web-based applications that enable our customers to digitize their work processes.

At the core of our development stack are single-page applications based on Ember.js (JavaScript), which are connected to backend services based on Django (Python) and PostgreSQL via REST or GraphQL APIs.

Are you someone who enjoys taking ownership of projects, freely organizing your work, delivering solutions that meet high standards, and working in a friendly and cooperative atmosphere? Then we would love to hear from you!


As a Senior Web Developer, you will collaborate closely with customers to design and implement new features and modules, as well as maintain and refactor applications to ensure their longevity. You can focus on either the frontend or the backend, but you are also welcome to work within the full stack.

Your tasks and duties will include:

  • Acting as a technical lead in projects with a broad scope that require customized solutions and involve multiple internal and external contributors

  • Conducting requirements analyses with customers, identifying potential risks, adopting the customers' perspective, and constructively challenging their ideas

  • Designing and maintaining applications, ensuring the long-term quality, stability, and sustainability of their code base

  • Reviewing merge requests and deciding whether parts of them should be abstracted into separate open-source projects, add-ons, or libraries, and using reviews as learning opportunities for everyone involved

  • Creating comprehensive documentation, including proper diagrams and detailed user guidance, and describing concepts in a concise way


Must-Have Technical Skills

  • You have more than five years of work experience.

  • You have in-depth know-how about Python or JavaScript and a general understanding of the other language.

  • You have advanced and nuanced know-how about git, IDEs, package managers, docker, and Linux (command line, SSH, system structure) and can get the best out of it.

  • You can determine which cases and aspects should be prioritized for unit testing to optimize effort and value gain within a project.

  • You thoroughly understand the potential consequences of specific errors and can write code that prevents broken states or improper end results.

Must-Have Soft Skills

  • You work thoroughly and diligently, are dependable and reliable, take responsibility for your actions and decisions, and strive for error-free, high-quality results.

  • You seek, identify, create, and capitalize on opportunities, initiate change, and foster improvement through proactive, decisive action.

  • You work effectively with others toward a common goal, participate constructively in joint efforts, and foster a supportive and trusting work environment.

  • You provide constructive criticism and suggestions in a way that helps others optimize their productivity, while also being able to receive and act on such input from others.

  • You deliver high-quality services and solutions to customers that meet their needs and expectations while keeping in mind the company's goals and interests.

  • You utilize your personal resources and consciously regulate your efforts to achieve and maintain high levels of productivity.

  • You analyze complex situations, detect unwanted deviations, and develop viable solutions based on critical thinking, data analysis, and rational judgment.


  • You have advanced and nuanced know-how about Django and/or Ember.js.


We offer you a work environment with a lot of flexibility, talented people, and fair opportunities. We have both apprentices and senior employees on the same team and you will always have someone to help you if you encounter a difficult problem.

  • Our company DNA revolves around an open-source mindset. Contributions are welcome and encouraged.

  • No matter if you want to work full-time or part-time, prefer working in the office or from home, we’ll find a solution that fits your situation.

  • We invest in training and certifications for our employees and offer the opportunity to travel to conferences.

  • You can work with the Linux distribution and toolset of your choice.

  • Our offices in Basel, Bern and Zurich are only minutes away from the train station and easily reachable with public transport.

  • 5 weeks of paid vacation, full overtime compensation, and a 40-hour week are standard company-wide.

Are you interested? Then Adrian Wittwer and his team will be happy to review your application. We are looking forward to getting to know you!