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Hybrid work from Austin:

  • πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ United States
Annual Salary
USD 200k - USD 240k

Senior Software Engineer - Salesforce

Steadily is an insurtech that insures landlords. We're two years old, just over 100 people, manage $6B in risk, and are intent on becoming the best and largest insurer of rental properties.

We exist to deliver fast, affordable insurance and to pay claims quickly and fairly. To do that, we hire the best engineers, actuaries, sales, and service people in the country to build the experience that we'd want if we were a client.

We're hiring a Senior Software Engineer with experience building web applications, service oriented architecture, and desire to build out sales and service workflows both in and around Salesforce.

What You Could Do:

  • Design and implement an intuitive rating comparison tool that makes elaborate comparisons easy to understand

  • Combine property intelligence APIs sources to flag flood, fire, and vandalism risks

  • Build out experiences that leverage the Salesforce API to blend the best of what Salesforce can do with a smooth customer experience

What You'll Bring:

  • _ Experienced_ : This isn't your first rodeo. There's no specific minimum number of years requirement, but we expect you to be able to dive into a complex codebase without too much spin-up. Past experience as a team lead is definitely a plus.

  • _ Builder_ : You like the product-side of engineering and have thoughtful opinions on what the user experience should be. You're not the type of engineer who wants a fully-fleshed out spec thrown over the wall for you to code.

  • _ Pragmatic_ : Let's say you have a tradeoff to make: Option A is to ship something fast using an off-the-shelf API on AWS; you won't learn that much and it only solves 80% of the problem, but it'll only take a few days. Option B is to invest about two weeks building a new library and internally-hosted service that perfectly solves the problem; as a bonus you can share it on Github and give a presentation about it at Reactathon. If you choose Option A 10/10 then you'll be at home here.

  • _ Specific languages_ : We don't really care if you've worked in our stack before as long as you're happy to learn it. If you're sharp enough to be on this team, you're sharp enough to learn any language or framework quickly.

  • _ Desire to learn:_ A large part of this role is incorporating our workflows within Salesforce. Salesforce knowledge is not a requirement but a desire to learn how to use that tool most effectively for creating automated and smooth workflows for our team is.

Our Stack:

  • Salesforce

  • Python 3 / Django

  • React with Next.js

  • Typescript

  • Postgres

  • AWS

  • Kubernetes


  • Total compensation around $300,000

  • Salary of $200,000 - $240,000 annually


  • Equity in the company

  • Employer healthcare contribution

  • 401K

  • Flexible Time Off

  • Health (HSA or FSA), vision, and dental insurance

  • Equipment provided

  • Continued education opportunities


  • Austin, TX

  • Hybrid work schedule - 4 days in-office, 1 day WFH