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Senior Software Engineer (Python, Cloud, Microservices)

👋 Welcome to Dexter Health!

We're a dynamic healthtech startup on a mission to transform healthcare. Our innovative approach involves the development of cutting-edge tools that directly address the challenges healthcare professionals face every day.

With the power of an interdisciplinary team, we've given birth to Dexter Mobile and Dexter One - a conversational AI within a mobile app and a novel smart speaker. We're placing these tools in the hands of the real heroes - the nurses, empowering them to usher in a new era of patient care.

The fractures in our healthcare system aren't hidden, they're obvious. That's why Dexter has stepped into the light. As an unwavering ally for healthcare professionals, we're redefining assistance and shaping a future where technology works hand-in-hand with compassion.

Do you share our vision? Are you ready to join us on this audacious journey to reinvent healthcare? Let's make a difference together, where it matters most.


As our new Senior Software Engineer, you will:

  • Contribute to our Smart Speaker and Database projects. Your work will be central to our mission.

  • Create, build, and launch high-quality microservices. You'll shape the backbone of our systems.

  • Work closely with our product and design teams to turn simple ideas into solid solutions.

  • Run your projects from start to finish. You're the driver here.

  • Learn about the healthcare industry to build better solutions.

  • Balance fast work with top-notch results. We value both.

  • Collaborate with our team of experts, and share your knowledge with them.

In this role, you'll have the freedom to innovate while making a real impact on our company and the healthcare sector.


We're looking for a seasoned Software Engineer ready to make an impact. You're the right fit if:

  • Experience: You have over 5 years of software engineering experience and a proven track record of solving complex problems.

  • Education: You possess a degree in Computer Science or a related field.

  • Technical Skills: You're a Python guru, and proficiency in JavaScript/TypeScript would be the icing on the cake.

  • Microservices: You've crafted and deployed microservices, taking systems from concept to deployment.

  • Cloud Technologies: You've got hands-on experience with cloud platforms, and if it's Google Cloud Platform (GCP), even better!

  • Containerization & Orchestration: Docker, Docker Compose, and Kubernetes are your go-to tools for container orchestration.

  • OOP: Object-Oriented Programming is second nature to you, allowing you to create clean, modular, and maintainable code.

  • SDLC & Design Patterns: You're an expert in the software development lifecycle and can implement effective design patterns.

  • Databases: SQL or NoSQL - you're proficient in both and have hands-on experience with Postgres, MySQL, or similar.

  • Lifelong Learner: You have a passion for learning and desire to continuously upgrade your skills.

  • Detail-Oriented & Communicative: You pay attention to the small things and can clearly communicate technical ideas to any audience.

  • Organized: You're a self-starter who can keep things in order even in a fast-paced environment.


When you join Dexter Health, you'll enjoy:

  • Flexibility: Work from anywhere with our remote work policy. We value work-life balance.

  • Fair Pay: Receive a fair salary that matches your skills, experience and geography.

  • Equity: Participate in our employee stock option plan. We succeed together.

  • Career Growth: Step into leadership, if you want. There's room to grow and the opportunity to lead your own team.

  • Diverse Team: Collaborate with our diverse, interdisciplinary team - where different perspectives ignite innovation.

  • Make a Difference: Your work will contribute directly to improving people's lives and health. What you do here truly matters.

At Dexter Health, we're committed to creating a supportive, inclusive, and rewarding work environment that values every team member.


Because we're not just a healthtech company - we're a team determined to reshape healthcare. We're leveraging the power of technology to assist nurses 👩🏻‍⚕️, the unsung heroes, providing them with the tools they need to deliver outstanding care.

Our vision is not limited - we're aiming to make a global impact 🌍. As we grow, we're set to become one of the most significant healthtech players in Europe and beyond. But to achieve this, we need you.

By joining Dexter Health, you won't just be doing a job. You'll be contributing to a mission, part of a movement to improve healthcare on a global scale. Are you ready to make an impact where it matters most? We're excited to hear from you!