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Hybrid work from Budapest:

  • 🇭🇺 Hungary

Senior Python Developer

In this role you will be responsible to develop tools/toolsets to address strategic security engineering needs for the global enterprise. The main goal is to come up with tools that help the everyday life of security engineering and operation teams by automating and abstracting otherwise complex systems. The group you will be working for has the freedom of choosing the right asset for the task, also to build software from scratch and to build the operating stack for that software. Your development work will be supported by the Budapest laboratory, where your hands are not bound to experiment with your proposed solutions for a problem. Your teammates will have a social, resultoriented and helpful attitude.


  • Develop Security Automation Frameworks, Tools and Security Management products for a global ecosystem

  • Abstract complex security APIs or ecosystems into consumable artifacts for systems integration

  • Work on the development of global telemetry gathering and data visualization efforts

  • Own and maintain the life cycle of the developed solutions (production hardware and software strategy, end of support, etc.) from an engineering perspective

  • Follow secure software development best practices and standards

  • Develop and maintain business relationship with key industry partners and vendors especially in the open source community

  • Provide visionary insight into global security automation capabilities, trends and values

  • Engage with other Engineering teams, Architecture forums and businesses to develop products and toolsets that enhance security defence posture for the firm.


  • 6+ years of Experience with secure software development

  • Strong knowledge of Python

  • Good understanding of TCP/IP technologies and network routing

  • Understanding of security paradigms

  • Strong understanding of Database Technologies especially time series databases

  • Data Visualization Principles

  • NodeJS / AngularJS technology – nice to have

  • Large Scale Engineered Systems experience.

  • University / College degree in any STEM area or equivalent industry/technology knowledge

  • Ability to lead software development projects focusing on security abstraction and automation

  • Experience in managing multiple development efforts with clear focus on must win battles

  • Ability to represent Data in a visually appealing way is a big plus

  • Ability to turn slow un-optimized code into beautiful data highways for processing