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Python Software Developer

🌱 At HEMAV we
are an AgriTech StartUp founded in 2012 working passionately on Data
Science in the agrifood industry with the purpose of generating more
food with less environmental impact.

🌾🛰️ We use a unique approach, based on Artificial Intelligence using
satellite technology and other data sources (drone, meteo, soil, etc.).
Users of our technology leverage their decision-making systems on
information and knowledge generated on a field-by-field basis, with
customized per-user models.

💚 The HEMAV family is
currently composed by a team of around 40 persons with offices in
Spain, Brazil, Peru and the USA. We have around 50 regional partners
distributed between more than 17 countries in Europe, America and
Africa. More than 5.000 users have access to the platform with service
in 2 million Hectares.

❤️ HEMAV values are:

  • Teamwork: We are a familiy and 'fly and process' together 🫂

  • Passion: We wake up every morning to change the world 💚🌍💧

  • Simplicity: Less is more. Technology should simplifies our lives, not complicates it

  • Excellence: We pursue our best version and learn from our values

  • Integrity: What you see is what we are

  • Innovation: We have a creative attitude against challenges

📊 LAYERS, our
software, offers analytics to the agricultural sector with a large
direct impact. For example, clients can improve the efficiency in
treatments (sowing, fertilization, irrigation, etc.) and generate
estimations in yield (tonnes per hectare), as well as quality estimates
(e.g. soybeans protein quantity) for different crops. We know that
producers, the agroindustry itself, or even insurance companies and
traders in the agronomical sector are facing three main challenges, with
a large impact in their gross margin:

· Crop Management

· Production yield and logistics

· Economical yield

. Climate change risk assessment

💧 💚 LAYERS helps
minimize these risks through a high-quality continuous monitoring and
predictions. We want to make LAYERS the core of all the yield-related
decisions in the agribusiness value-chain using data and statistics. Our
slogan is

“Reshaping the future increasing land efficiency”

👾 The LAYERS Product Team is
the main area of the company, where 13 persons are distributed in three
squads: QA-Tooling, Agronomy and UX/UI. Three-four weeks sprints are
combined with sprint demos where all the company is updated with the
news in the product by all the members of the product team.

Some of the things you should consider when joining our team are:

· Young and friendly environment

· Flexible work-hours

· 100% remote work

· Flexible remuneration system that adapts the salary to your needs

· Extra holidays

is composed of a web-app and also a mobile-app. Our software
constitutes the heart of the customer ecosystem where data analysis and
prognosis is presented in an analytical and insightful web dashboard
formats. Thanks to this, our customers can monitor their crops and
perform better business decisions in their agro-industrial companies.


🖥️ Position

🎯 What is your mission in HEMAV?

goal of this position is to have a key role in the development of
software, models, repositories, and continuously work in improving the
Data infrastructure, models and LAYERS products development. Exchanging
information and knowledge with data scientists, agronomists, analysts
and other experts in the company to identify, design and implement the
models that will make the change in present and future LAYERS users.

This mission is deeply linked with the design, technology and thus, the team involved in the application of software development, spatio-temporal statistics, agronomical knowledge and AI in Layers’ solution.
Statistics, maths, geographical information, software development,
computer vision and other disciplines converge in the work of the whole team.

Global improvements in the robustness and scalability of LAYERS will as well be part of the tasks this person will face.

✍🏽 Tasks

Specifically, this person will:

· Contribute
to the design, planification and implementation of the LAYERS core
increasing the value added to our clients, the scalability, and the
robustness of the system.

· Implement crop-specific and
product-specific solutions designed in collaboration with the
agronomical and data-science team.

· Contribute to the
maintenance and evolution of the toolset and functional processes in
LAYERS Core, following the coding standards and methodologies

· Technical support to clients facing defects detected by the QA team or reported by clients.

· General continuous improvement of LAYERS

· Punctual support to stakeholders in business and operations.

⚙️ Responsibilities and functions:

· Work
on tasks related to LAYERS Core development, together with other
experts on different fields and technologies, to develop and deploy
tools and techniques that allow HEMAV to extract the maximum value for
the users.

· Join agile liturgies such as user stories
refinement, sprint planning, daily meetings, product reviews and

Contact point with internal stakeholders in punctual cases related with developments carried out.

🏅 How will this role be evaluated?

· Personal goals established with the manager

· Team goals established with the Product Owner

Company goals

📍 Location: +- 3h from BCN (Spain) time

We are very happy with asynchronous work, however we belief in teamwork and peer programming.

Anyway, if you are in the BCN area you will always be welcomed at the office :-).


🏅 Technical Skills

Professional python software development– 2 years -





Nice to have:

- Cloud technologies AWS/GoogleCloud/Azure, serverless, Kubernetes

- DevOps mindset CI/CD

- Unit testing


- MLOps: DVC

- MLFlow

- Earth Observation and Remote Sensing

- Spatio-temporal data

- Time Series

💚Soft Skill

- Team player

- Agile methologies: comfortable working with user stories, and liturgies.

- Result-oriented

- Quality-oriented

- Autonomous

- Benchmarking of new techniques and technologies related to the position

- Challenge lover