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Python (Engineering) Internship at Legal Tech Law Firm

Will technology revolutionize the practice of law? Work here and answer that for yourself.

If your goal is to be a full stack dev, this will be the ultimate resume-building internship. You will build and deploy NLP models, process improvements and web scrapers that directly drive new business. This will have deploying docker containers to AWS Lambda, building data pipelines with asynchronous steps, and debugging challenging issues.

Spire Law practices employment litigation and business law in Orlando, FL. We're an all-Python shop that uses web apps and automation to find clients, help them and win cases. We are Y Combinator alumni, part of the W19 batch. We're looking for interns with some history of building python apps for personal or professional projects to join us with the possibility of joining full time at the completion of their studies.

This internship is at the confluence of law and technology. You will learn more, faster. As an intern you will support the engineering team, reporting directly to a YC founder. This is a remote position, though working from our Orlando, FL office is okay too if preferred.

Responsibilities are likely to include:

  1. Author Flask, Django and Dash web apps to improve conversion rates from outbound marketing.

  2. Author and maintain web scrapers.

  3. Build an ML/NLP model to classify and/or extract named entities.

  4. Participate in biweekly sprint planning.

  5. Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

We will review every resume. No black hole resume/application process.

The one and only must-have:

  • A GitHub or other code repo that demonstrates you have deployed at least one web app or one web scraper written in Python.

Basic Qualifications: (You need most of these)

  • 3.5+ GPA in non-STEM major, 2.9+ GPA in STEM major.

  • Competent technical writer, fluent in English.

  • Currently enrolled in and completing one of the following degrees:

    • CS, Engineering, Math, Physics, Optics (past Calc II)

    • Business, Finance, Economics (Junior or later)

    • In law school. (Rising 2L or later)

    • Completed coding bootcamp.

  • Proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and generally getting work done quickly using computers.

  • Authorized to work in US. A student visa permitting 20 hours/week is okay.

  • One completed personal or professional project in Python. Strongly prefer candidates with a GitHub containing python projects.

Preferred Qualifications: (The more of these, the better)

  • Worked in any paid office job for at least 1 year.

  • 1+ year of programming experience in Python with demonstrating projects. (Send your GitHub, project examples or similar)

  • Technical hobbies like building robots, making web apps, coding, experiments, working on cars, crafting or other hands-on/technical/building stuff type projects.

We encourage applicants of all ages, backgrounds and experiences, as we do not discriminate. We have a diverse team with diverse lives.

Job-type: Part Time (15-30 hrs/wk), flexible with your classes. US candidates only. Business hours are typically 8-5 Eastern Time M-F.

Compensation: $25/hr


We're an all python shop. Most of our efforts are on web app development - Django, Flask, Dash.

Interview Process

Our interview process is short and simple.

  1. Phone Interview: If your application is selected, we'll do a 20-30 minute phone interview with one of the founders.

  2. 2 Hour Project: If the phone interview goes well, we'll offer you a coding challenge to build and deploy a very simple python web app. You'll have 48 hours to complete it but the project can be done in ~2 hours.

  3. Video Interview: Last step is a video interview with both YC founders. This typically takes about 60 minutes.