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Python Developer


About TerraPay

Global money movement, simplified!

• Powering global payments across 7.5 billion bank accounts, 6 billion cards, and 2.1 billion wallets

• 121 banking partnerships, 210+ send countries, 140+ receive countries.

TerraPay is the pulse of global payments innovation. We're the bridge that connects people and businesses worldwide, empowering them to effortlessly send, receive, and manage money across borders.

We have repositioned ourselves as a global money movement player that helps businesses manage their global payments for local payout needs through our extensive network.

Regulated across over 30 diverse markets, TerraPay stands out as the sole payment provider with such a broad reach. We harmonize the complexities of global money movement, orchestrating seamless transactions that transcend borders and cultures. We are driven by a commitment to inclusion and fuelled by innovative technology, we're reshaping the financial landscape, ensuring that international transactions are secure, swift, and hassle-free. Join us in simplifying global money movement with TerraPay.

What do we stand for?

At TerraPay, we stand for innovation, efficiency, and the relentless pursuit of excellence in the payments industry. Our commitment is to deliver seamless financial interactions, enhance global connectivity, and drive transformative changes in the way people and businesses exchange funds. We place a strong emphasis on trust, security, and collaboration, ensuring that our clients and partners experience world-class financial services with unmatched integrity.

Job Mission:

As part of the Data Science team, you will tackle challenging problems in Machine Learning, Recommendation Systems etc. Your work will directly impact the operational excellence, customer retention and business impact.

Your responsibilities will include:

a. Designing and developing python code for extracting structured and unstructured data for solving various business problems.

b. Working closely with product teams to deliver AI-driven product experiences.

c. Time series problems.

Skills & Qualifications

• Academic background: Engineer proven ability with analytical and logical skills and prior experience in python development. • 3 - 5 years of relevant experience python and database.

• Hands-on implementation experience with building code into products.

Desired Technologies:

• Experience in using Python and statistical/machine learning libraries with a good understanding of scalability challenges and real-time deployment of scalable ML models.

• Proficiency in NumPy, Pandas and similar frameworks.

• Familiarity with relational databases and AWS.

• Experience in payments industry would be a big plus.

• Other Desirable Skills:

o Working knowledge of ML and EDA.

o Data pre-processing and engineering skills for model deployment.

o Creative problem-solving abilities.

o Data presentation skills.

Why TerraPay?

Joining TerraPay means becoming a part of a progressive team that's shaping the future of payments. We offer a collaborative environment that values diversity, fosters growth, and encourages innovation. As an Associate Business Operations Manager, you'll play a pivotal role in enabling seamless financial interactions worldwide. Elevate your career and be a catalyst for global financial transformation with TerraPay.

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