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Python backend developer (HW R&D and automation)

Nebius is looking for a Backend Developer to design and develop web services and optimize and refactor old code. Apply if you have experience with commercial development in Python and expertise with a relational database.

General description:

Maintaining and sustaining growing cloud infrastructure around the world demands advanced server and datacenter solutions. Automating production processes, testing, and everyday server operations is a large, complex task.

We provide the entire stack of services and technologies, including electronics and mechanics, non-trivial stands for load and aging testing, and setting up the operating system and server provisioning for various clouds.

Our team develops and maintains systems that help other departments work more efficiently and automate internal processes. We’re looking for a developer to help us with that.


- Design and develop web services

- Interact with various APIs

- Optimize and refactor old code

- Maintain technical documentation


- Experience with commercial development in Python

- Expertise with PostgreSQL, MySQL, or another relational database

- Ability to understand code written by other developers and quickly complete tasks

- Curiosity and passion for learning new things

Preferred qualifications:

- Experience with noSQL database development

- Experience working with the React framework, strong knowledge of HTML and CSS

- Familiarity with Linux OS

- Experience designing scalable services

- Understanding of how networks are built

- Experience working with Docker/LXC

- Experience going beyond writing code to participating throughout the entire service lifetime

- Ability to set up CI/CD and monitoring in the cloud

- Product mindset and passion for improving the user experience

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