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Frontend Engineer (m/f/d)

🏆 What’s the opportunity?

This is a unique, entrepreneurial opportunity to be driving the digitalization of air freight and logistics in a fast-growing Series B company backed by leading Venture Capital firms including Index and Bessemer.

As a Frontend Engineer, you will be confronted with a wide spectrum of tasks. They range from collaborating with a variety of stakeholders, over designing features and taking architectural decisions to reviewing code of your peers and ensuring a good quality of our work. You will write and refine tickets and break down technical complexities. Together with your team you will give and receive candid feedback in retrospectives, one-on-ones and 360s.

We are using Scrum. If you have read the Scrum guide before or worked in a proper Scrum team, this already gives you a first idea about how we do things. We expect you to live and represent the core values of commitment, courage, focus, openness and respect.

We foster a positive, dynamic, hard-working and feedback-heavy culture, with a strong dose of playfulness. Join us now and transform the way airlines sell cargo!

🌍 You can work from (almost) anywhere in EMEA. See which countries we can employ in currently by checking out this list here. We are a remote company, but regularly meet in person, too.

🎬 A snapshot of what you will be doing here:

  • You will work with technologies like Javascript, Vue.js, SASS, webpack, Python 3, Flask and PostgreSQL. We are running a service-oriented architecture with synchronous gRPC endpoints and Airflow for asynchronous workloads. All of it runs in the Google Cloud Platform on top of Kubernetes. Learn more about our tech stack and how we work here.

  • We are constantly thinking about our users. Obviously there are lots of people in the organization who are even closer to them, from customer service agents to account managers and of course our product team. Nonetheless, it is our job to ask “why?” a lot, challenge assumptions and bring our unique perspective as software engineers to the table.

  • Our goal is to have continuous deployment pipelines and code that goes into production extremely fast. We are able to deploy a number of times per day today, but there are still a few manual steps involved. We are constantly expanding our automated tests and refining log messages, metrics and alerts to move closer to the aspired level of automation.

  • We want to enable our co-workers to do their job as effectively as possible, so we are regularly building and extending self-service tools for the different roles in the organization. While we already covered quite a bit of ground on this front, there is still a lot to build. In the meantime, we are providing hands-on support to make sure our users have an awesome experience.

  • We hate complacency. Everyone is expected to share knowledge, give feedback, support others to grow and display leadership when the team needs it most.

🕵🏼‍♀️ We are looking for individuals with:

  • First of all, at least a few years of relevant experience. We won’t commit to a minimum number, but we expect you to have seen your fair share of projects that you have worked on as part of a development team.

  • You should be interested in building an amazing product. Have empathy for the user. Care about the work we are trying to do here and enjoy the opportunity to influence an industry.

  • You have to be an active and open collaborator and communicator, in and outside the team. Verbal and written communication are both highly relevant in what we are doing to:

    • actively develop and contribute to existing documentation;

    • share learnings and ideas with the team;

    • support other engineers in onboarding into FE world.

  • We value a good theoretical foundation. Never used Vue before? Not a problem from our perspective. If you have experience with Javascript or any of the other frameworks, you will be up to speed quickly. Much more important is that you have a strong understanding of fundamentals:

    • async nature of javascript, managing cookies and 3rd party libraries with respect to GDPR regulations;

    • familiar with good practices and design patterns, work on turning the legacy code into a first-class citizen, being a role model in those efforts;

    • experience with testing: unit, integration, e2e. Knowledge of frameworks like jest, testCafe, and cypress would be a plus

    • awareness of cross-browser quirks (yes, we still support IE11);

    • familiar with design systems and styling best practices;

    • awareness of performance best practices when it comes to assets management, requests structure, Single Page App design.

  • Serve the team. If you plow through the tasks you picked but your team struggles to deliver on another aspect of the sprint, nothing is won.

❤️ We think you will love working here if:

  • You value building great relationships and trust with your team and managers.

  • You love experimenting with new ideas and get super excited when you find an opportunity for process improvement.

  • You see working remotely successfully as a pioneering challenge which is constantly evolving.

  • In everything you do, you take ownership and get a kick out of exceeding expectations.

  • When faced with the choice, you’d rather opt for the ambitious to ensure you grow, than take the easy option.

  • You see the value of giving and receiving feedback and incorporate this into everything you do.

  • You are not afraid to voice your opinions and like using data to back them up.

🤔 What is so exciting about working in the air cargo industry?

Imagine a world without a Skyscanner or Kayak when trying to book your next holiday. That is exactly where the air cargo industry finds itself today.  With the backing of internationally prominent investors, we are shaping the future of how the air cargo industry will work by providing a tech solution for a currently very manual and time-intensive process for airlines and freight forwarders to book air cargo, an industry which is worth almost $123bn. Our solution allows users to transparently and efficiently search for and book air cargo within seconds! If you want to be part of a company pioneering the way in the future of air cargo, get in touch!

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