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Data Engineer (Python Developer)

PLEASE READ: If you are interested in applying to the role, we ask that you kindly complete the application in English and attach an English version of your resume. Thank you.

At Xe, we live currencies. We provide a comprehensive range of currency services and products, including our Currency Converter, Market Analysis, Currency Data API and quick, easy, secure Money Transfers for individuals and businesses. We leverage technology to deliver these services through our website, mobile app and by phone. Last year, we helped over 300 million people access information about the currencies that matter to them and over 225,000 people used us to send money overseas.

We are proud to be part of Euronet Worldwide (Nasdaq: EEFT), a global leader in processing secure electronic financial transactions. Under their Money Transfer division, Xe and Ria Money Transfer have been brought together to help establish the third largest money transfer business in the world.

Our principles

  • AMBITION - We dream big, try things out and always ask “why not?” and “what if?” We’re ambitious in our thinking and our delivery

  • RESPONSIBILITY - We get involved, bring our perspective and are always open to new ideas. We take personal responsibility

  • COMMUNITY - We value a sense of belonging, trusting each other and encouraging authenticity. We contribute to our community

XE is looking for an experienced Data Engineer to join the XE Data Science team.

If you are easily excited by raw data and the boundless potential to transform it into useful shapes and forms, this is your dream job. Couple that with a best-in-class cloud data architecture, and you are off to the races. You will be supporting a data ecosystem that is fueled by 280 million annual visitors to our web and app properties. Combine this with an enterprise-grade events-based Martech stack and the opportunities really are limitless. This role will give you the unbridled freedom to explore your data passions to connect disparate data sources together to create meaningful business insights and drive rapid product improvement and growth. If you are also an API guru, then apply today!

What You'll Do:

  • Develop and maintain data-serving performant API services

  • Design, develop, and maintain microservices for real-time data ingestion and ETL pipelines

  • Analyze and organize raw data across Xe's Martech stack

  • Develop and Maintain data lakes

  • Collaborate with data scientists and architects on several projects

  • Ensure all components are highly scalable, maintainable, and monitored

  • Optimize cloud services for security, cost and performance

What You'll Posses:

  • Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or related discipline

  • Strong knowledge of developing and maintaining API services in a cloud environment

  • Strong OO and SO programming skills in Python to write effective, scalable codes.

  • Knowledge of modern containerization techniques - Docker, Docker Compose

  • A strong interest in data and the insights it can provide to better serve our customers

  • Experience with relational and unstructured databases and data lakes

  • An understanding of business goals and how data policies can affect them

  • Effective communication and collaboration skills

  • A strong understanding of the concepts associated with privacy and data security

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