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AI Research Engineer

Engineers on the team today:

  • Work primarily in Python and PyTorch

  • Implement cutting-edge research papers to explore and learn

  • A perseverance to experiment but understand not everything they accomplish will be used in our products

  • Are supportive—especially when teammates are faced with new challenges

  • Are left to autonomously figure out the solutions to their challenges

  • Value clear, frequent communication (we do a lot of reading & writing)

  • Are naturally curious and willing to take a step to learn something they don’t have experience in

  • Feel a great sense of accountability to each other

  • Uphold best practices in engineering, security, and design

You might be the wrong fit if…

  • Publishing papers and earning citations is one of your top 3 priorities

  • Working on research that ships to users hasn’t been a priority for you

  • Writing production worthy code is something you tend to avoid

  • Teaching or mentoring people from time-to-time isn’t how you want to spend your time

Skills & Experience

  • Background in Computer Vision and/or Natural Language Processing

  • Track record of implementing research you can show

  • Bonus: Scaling distributed systems for the purposes of training

  • Having a PhD is not important to us but a track record of building real things in production is

  • 4+ years of working full-time

Here are examples of things we’ve worked on:

  • Building an aesthetic classifier to predict aesthetically pleasing images by user ratings

  • Predicting highly accurate object masks from bounding boxes